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Elite Ace Limited
The Galaxy , 17 /FL , Room 1706
313 Castle Peak Road ,
Kwai Chung , NT , Hong Kong
Tel : 852-2111-4048

Email: info@tinstoys.com / info@unique-replicas.com
PRODUCTS / 1:50 / Gazel
   UR45901/ UR45902/ UR45903/ UR45904    (White/Yellow/Blue/Red)
   Gazel Pick Up Tipper Version
   UR46003/ UR46004  (White/Red)
   Gazel Cargo Dly Truck
   UR46101/ UR46102/ UR46103/ UR46105/ UR46106    (Silver/White/Yellow/Red/White)
   Gazel Passenger Van with Special Printings